CMP Prep Academy is a non-profit organization that gives high school student-athletes a second opportunity to earn a free education. Education is very important, unfortunately, paying for it isn’t as easy. For those kids who man not excel academically, or be in a situation where they can financially pay for it, may depend on athletic scholarships. scholarships are given out every year by hundreds of colleges all over the United States, however, kids are passed on year due to multiple reason such as:

  • ACT/SAT scores
    • We give these kids an opportunity to stay in game shape and correct their grades so that they can retain a scholarship that may have been previously presented to them, or earn a scholarship now that they are academically eligible.
  • Team Player
    • In high school a lot of player play a position that isn’t best for their athletic ability or body type, but do so because it’s what best for the team. This drastically effect the ability for this athlete to be correctly recruited. We develop them at positions that should help them get recruited easier.
  • Lack of Proper Development
    • School is a place for learning, so coaches are not always the best at developing talent correctly. Academic always come before football here at CMP but we will also develop their talents so they may continue that education for free.
  • The Right Match
    • Sometimes it just about finding the coach who sees your talents and wants your skill sets in their program. We get our athletes game tape and another season for them to see you shine.

As you can see there’s a multitude of reasons why kids may not receive scholarships out of high school, but luckily we’re here to help, if this is a cause you think you may want to be apart of here is how you can help. E-mail cmpprepacademy@gmail.com and we can send you a sponsorship packet to get the process started. Thanks for your sponsorship we appreciate it.

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