Donation Letter

“Teaching Life Lessons Through Football”

OUR MISSION at CMP Prep Academy is to have every young man that attends our program leave a better man and in a better position to handle the issues that come along with being an adult. We mold our young men into productive citizens of society by “TEACHING LIFE LESSONS THROUGH FOOTBALL.” Football applies to the real world in so many ways such as dealing with defeat, handling competition, working with others as a team, discipline, and following directions to name a few. Every young man that leaves our program will be better prepared to face life challenges.

CMP Prep Academy is a non-profit 501(c) (3) organization that is helping young men get into college on athletic football scholarships. We help provide a full football season after high school, as well as gather film from the season to send to various colleges in hopes of getting our student athletes an athletic scholarship. While attending our six-month program and the local community college, we will not only help develop their talents on the field, but also strive to make them better men off the field. Our program is located and operated from Lafayette, LA. CMP Prep Academy provides travel for our athletes to away games, furnished housing with utilities included, an indoor training facility with weights, attire and equipment for games and practice, $100 monthly meal vouchers, recruiting service, game film, life lessons, and so much more. Any donation given would be used to complete these tasks. CMP is helping our young men get an education that is vital to become successful. Your donation can help this become a reality for our athletes. Donations can be made by filling out form below (will be redirected to Paypal to complete donation) or mail check or money order in CMP Prep Academy name to:

P.O BOX 62676
Lafayette, Louisiana 70596

I hope you see the difference that our organization can make in a young man’s future and would like to help in the cause. Thanks again for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.