Cost of Participation $2,500

We believe as a prep program that it is important that players and their parents see the efficiency in which we utilize the funding into our program. Though we are predominately funded by player fees, we are not completely funded by that means only. We benefit greatly as a non-profit organization through the generous giving of sponsors and fundraisers. However, here is a breakdown of what the $2,500 player (football) fee covers and also other additional options that CMP Prep Academy offers.


All administration costs to run this program will be taken care of utilizing player fees. Administration costs covers all expenses that occur during the season that may not be covered by other specific fees listed below. This is also used for any other unexpected expenses that may accumulate during the season. Administration costs include, but are not limited to (web site, recruiting sites used to assist, office supplies, housing of college scouts, team hudl accounts, etc.)


 Equipment is a very vital necessity for any football program. All players equipment purchased during the season, (Helmet, shoulder pads, etc.) are the property of CMP Prep Academy and need to be returned at the completion of the season. Other equipment (tackling dummies, arm shields, footballs, sleds, helmet visors and repair kits, etc.) are also the property of CMP Prep.


This part of players total fee is transportation to away games. This fee helps cover drivers, bus, gas, planes, etc. At CMP Prep we believe it is very important to give our players the best college experience despite not having them at the four year institution that they desire. We attempt to heavily schedule away games against Junior College and Division 3 programs and fill in our schedule with prep programs. When traveling we supply both pregame and post game meals. Under no circumstances do we expect our players to have to supply their own travel to games. We also have strict travel exemptions for any player to travel to a game outside of the team's supplied transportation. 


All players who compete with CMP Prep Academy will receive brand new customized game jerseys and pants. There will be a home and away uniform as well as up to 2 alternate uniforms (October Breast Cancer awareness uniform and another possible sponsor issued uniform). The home and away uniforms will be for every individual player to keep once there player fee is paid in its entirety. Players will also be receiving practice jerseys, shorts, and game socks.

$2500 Player fee ($500 commitment fee)

This is the total cost for a student athlete at to participate in CMP Prep Academy's football program. The  $2,500 covers the entire season from July to December. Commitment fees are due by May 31,2017 If commitment fee is not paid roster spot is forfeited.


Additional Packages

$500 Life Changing Fitness

This is for any player who wishes to have specialized training by Life Changing Fitness. LCF is a sponsor of CMP Prep and a portion of this fee goes directly to CMP Prep Academy. LCF specializes in footwork and agility, speed, and strength training at an indoor facility at 114 Eunice Ave in Lafayette, La. They perform training similar to what college athletes partake in  in preparing for the NFL Combine and Pro Days. This offer includes weekly 1 on 1 sessions and other sessions at the Life Changing Fitness indoor turfed facility.  

$ 3,000 Housing

This cost covers a furnish apartment for the length of the program and school. All players must exit housing three (3) days after final exam (We need time to clean and inspect apartment before we turn in keys). The housing costs can be paid up front or in six (6) payments of $500 by the first of each month. A formal legally binding contract will signed for the protection of both parties.

$350 ACT Prep Course with Tutor

This covers a tutor and the on-line ACT prep course. This is vital for those who need to acquire qualifying test scores in order to participate in collegiate sports at any university or college who would recruit the student athlete.

Only the commitment fee is due by May, 31,2018 as we understand that most players use their financial aid to cover fees. If you need to apply for financial aid please visit

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