Commit Checklist


Each program operates independently. Local community college is not partnered or affiliated with housing or CMP Prep Academy. Housing is not partnered or affiliated with local community college or CMP Prep Academy. CMP Prep Academy is not partnered or affiliated with housing or local community college.

  • Local community college is where student-athletes will receive an accredited education.
  • Housing is where student-athletes will receive a room that includes lights, cable, internet, bed, desk, and dresser. Student-athletes will share washer, dryer, kitchen, and living room with three other roommates. They will share a bathroom with one roommate. Four total student-athletes will reside in an apartment. Housing does their best to put our student-athletes in the same unit, however, occasionally our student-athletes are roomed with residents of the student-housing.
  • CMP Prep Academy is who they will compete in athletics with. We will provide coaching staff, game schedule, game film, access to indoor facility, recruiting assistance and training and development.


Financial Aid 

  • Get your financial aid completed for summer, fall, and spring semesters. We have seen on average student -athletes receive $6,500 in financial aid. (Financial aid offers pell-grant, un-subsidized student loan, and subsidized student loan as needed.)


  • Get enrolled into school. Link below is for local community college, however, out-of-state student athletes may attend local community college in home state online to avoid out-of-state fees.


  • Get into housing. Housing will be in walking distant to the local community college. Housing is $389 a month and requires a one-year lease. Will cover a student-athlete for summer, fall, and spring. Financial aid can assist with housing.

Player Fee

  • Incoming student-athletes are required to make a $300 payment to reserve roster spot. Payment will be reduced from total fee for year. $2,200 of player fee will come from financial aid refund after tuition and books are covered for student-athletes who qualify for financial aid. $2,500 is the total cost to participate in athletics with CMP for summer, fall, and spring semester. 


Make payment at:

CashApp: $CMPPrepAcademy