A popular option for athletes who are in search of an athletic scholarship after graduating high school is to walk-on at a local university, CMP offers an option that is less expensive than any option other than a full scholarship or partial scholarship to any college or junior college. We also offer additional benefits that JUCO’s and universities can’t such as:

• NOT LOSING YEAR OF ELIGIBILITY: Once you’ve walked on to a university or attend a junior college your eligibility clock has started, when you attend CMP Prep Academy it doesn’t. (Unless enrolled in school full-time or have been previously enrolled in a community college or university fulltime, have participated with any college or junior college athletic program prior to attending CMP Prep Academy) Our athletes, who are awarded a scholarship after our 6-month program, retains all eligibility that a true freshman graduating from high school would have.

• OUR ATHLETES HAVE THE ABILITY TO BE RECRUITED BY ANY SCHOOL IN THE COUNTRY. When you walk-on your recruitment has stopped. You’d have to hope the university that you’ve chosen awarded you a scholarship, and they aren’t likely to do that because you’re already there. They want to use that scholarship to convince another player to join who has other options available to him. Our athletes still can be recruited by any school that wishes to have them attend and participate in their football program.

•  FASTER DEVELOPMENT WITH MORE PRACTICE REPS. Our athletes are on a team of sixty (60) players max. This allows for our athletes to speed up the learning curve with more practice reps. No competing with upperclassmen here for practice reps and playing time.

• SAME BENEFITS AS ATTENDING A JUCO. This is Louisiana version of a JUCO. We have the ability to send players to college at ANY level. For players who are extremely gifted, we do have the D-1 connections. Get all the benefits of a JUCO without leaving the state, or the comfort of your home if in commuting distance to practice and game field near team.

• FREE TIME AND ABILITY TO WORK. As a walk-on or at a junior college your time is very limited. Between work-out, being a full-time student, and daily practice, you can’t have the flexibility to work and help support yourself through school. At CMP we allow or athlete the freedom to have a job with set practice schedule around academics and understanding coaches who understand life happens, however, we are strict about our athletes attending practice so that we may put a quality product on the field and secure quality game film to facilitate to colleges to give all our athletes the best opportunity to earn a scholarship.

So many benefits of attending CMP Prep Academy, and after reading this information on our program, we hope that you would want to participate in CMP Prep Academy and take advantage of what we have to offer.