Benefits of Prep

Why Go Prep?



We give these athletes an opportunity to stay in game shape and correct their ACT/SAT score so that they can retain a scholarship that may have been previously presented to them or earn a scholarship now that they are academically eligible.

Team Player

In high school a lot of players play a position that isn't best for their athletic ability or body type to be recruited but do so because it's what’s best for the team. This drastically affects the ability for this athlete to be correctly recruited. We develop these athletes at position(s) that will help them get properly recruited.

Lack of Proper Development

School is a place for learning, so in most occasions, coaches are teachers first. They are not always the best at developing talent correctly. Academics always come before football here at CMP, however, the coaching staff are talented at coaching and will develop our athletes’ talents so that they may be in a better position to continue their education for free.

The Right Match

Sometimes it’s just about finding the coach who sees your talents and wants you in their program. We get our game tape out to colleges and this allows our athletes another season to let the scouts see them shine.



Prep football has so many benefits to offer to so many kids. We hope that you give CMP Prep Academy the opportunity to help you continue your football career and earn a free education.